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What kind of door should I buy—insulated or non-insulated?

It all depends on various factors, including:

  • Is the garage attached to the house or building, and is the rest of the garage insulated?

  • Are there rooms above the garage?

  • Will the garage get direct sunlight? If so, will it heat up the door and transfer heat to the garage and the rest of the house?

  • How important is having a quiet door to you? If you want it to be quiet, you'll probably want an insulated door, since non-insulated doors tend to vibrate as they go up and down in the track.

What are the benefits of an insulated garage door?

A garage door opening represents a large opening in your home or building’s thermal barrier. Insulated doors will help to reduce the amount of outside temperatures that enters your garage, thus reducing the amount of energy required to cool or heat the inside. Insulated doors also reduce noise from the exterior.

What maintenance is suggested for my garage or overhead door?

While we suggest a certified professional undertake any major repairs, there are some steps you can take to maintain your door.

  • Periodically lubricate your garage or overhead door track. Call us to determine what specific type of lubricant is best to apply to your door.

  • Clean the frame’s weather stripping with vinyl cleaner and lubricate it once every other month with an appropriate product to keep the stripping pliable.

  • Inspect the rollers every six months and replace any that are worn or broken, or call us and we can replace them.

  • If you have painted door, periodically paint the exterior to help protect it from the elements.